What the heck is 🌈 πŸ¦„?

To remain a well-fed unicorn, you have to stay on top of the design-startup-code-web3-science-engineering-crypto hype. Who has time to do any of that?

We’ll be here to pick apart hype from fact to fiction, and find a few nuggets of gold along the way.

It’ll be a πŸ₯³ ride!

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We live in the age of science, engineering, incredible UX and product design; new ways to do code, finance, science and business models, and the intersection of memes, hot air, hype, and ponzi schemes.


Jan Zheng

Product designer, full-stack developer, co-founder of @phagedirectory and technical contributor to LabDAO. Building great products to advance science, phage therapy, and nonprofit tech. Dabbling in web3 x Solidity.